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New Website Launch!

Sept. 24, 2014, 4:15 p.m. ROOT No Comments

AntiCaptcha.NET today launched its completely revamped website, premiering new user-friendly features, streamlined content, and a more accessible format for all customers. Website visitors will enjoy real-time service alerts and up-to-date system information, integrated rail and system maps, pictures and videos, an event calendar, and a more modern look and feel. The redesigned site also automatically ensures that content is 508 compliant, making it accessible to individuals with disabilities.

"AntiCaptcha.NET’s new website is designed with our customers first in mind," said AntiCaptcha.NET General Manager/CEO. "In the development phase, we worked with customers and employees to learn what information was most important to them and how we could make the site more convenient to use. Thanks to the feedback we received and the hard work of our staff, the website has an exciting new look and is more accessible, informative, interactive and easy to navigate than ever before."

Visitors will access the new site through a banner on the former website. The original website will remain online through the first phase of the launch.

During the introductory period, AntiCaptcha.NET is asking for website visitors to help further enhance the new by providing their feedback on its design, features, and content. User input will provide an invaluable tool in helping AntiCaptcha.NET to fine-tune the new website to ensure that it’s serving all customers at the highest level.

Individuals with questions regarding the new website can contact AntiCaptcha.NET Customer Service at +1 (917) 396-7567 or